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Monday, October 22, 2007


Do Staged Arrests Validate Freedom Fighters?

--> Alex Jones Arrested

- Always looks staged, he always comes out soon after unscathed. No tasering, visible beating, etc. The biggest insult to his listeners is his worse than fake pro-wrestling growly voice, and his not even b movie quality fake ranting and raving.

--> Alex Jones Exposed!

- This page was published long ago, and quickly climbed google's search engine results for "alex jones" alone. Now you won't even find it on the first page for "alex jones exposed".

Eric John Phelps and a few others have come out with their own "exposed" pages which serve to divert from a site that actually uses Alex Jones to expose himself and shows his corruption without all the Phelps rhetoric, and religious propaganda.

Alex's site traffic is mostly from Digg! apparently he has a team of people, bots or chimps who are organized and keep people coming back to his site via Digg. They censor by conspiring to popularize his shenanigans, and bury other stuff with lame "alex jones exposed" pages.

Now his fans (or agents) will probably say I'm just jealous, or the page is nonsense instead of actually addressing the, not information but evidence! Let's also just ignore that Alex has continually whined about Google censoring him (similarly), and how Myspace was the trojan horse of censorship on the internet (which he's failed to deliver the goods on). Alex wouldn't let me on his site dissing his sponsors or him, he's no different.

Are people like Alex Jones helping or hurting?

--> De-activism: How to Demobilize a Movement


I’m Vegan

I'm not, it's the title of the blog. I'm guessing that most vegans will see the title and assume I'm vegan.

While waiting in line at the grocery store, a chore I abhor: I observed a young lady who couldn't seem to figure out how a card swipe machine worked. She needed to be told exactly what to do, how to do it, what button to press, etc. While it appeared she was someone probably not worthy of minimum wage, she announced that she was vegan.

NOTHING could kill your cause more! B vitamins are important for neurological health, and a good balance of them is important as too much of one could shut down the absorption of another. This person was obviously neurologically unhealthy. If someone doesn't get enough meat in their diet, it appears to non Vegans that they go around telling the world that they're vegan while they pretend to be happy, yet act very disturbed for the sake of animals (doesn't this parallel Christianity?).

Militant vegans apparently hate me. For some reason they feel they can convince the world to be vegan, and I interfere with that. I LIKE that people want to be vegan. I do care about animal welfare along with them! My take on it however is that alternate solutions should be presented for animal welfare such as: people could use goats, sheep, etc to trim their lawns (raising them humanely) and provide meat for people who won't live without it. We simply cannot convert all meat eaters, so we may as well start caring about the animals that must die for food!

Why not free range eggs? Eggs are loaded with bio-available protein, aren't a life form, are loaded with proteins we wouldn't normally eat (which make up beaks, tendons, etc). I've seen a bulletin against free range eggs which indicated to me that you should buy directly from a local farmer. The eggs you may get could be incredibly better. The shells tend to be much thicker, the yolks darker, and the flavor incredibly better. Eggs are also a cheap source of protein and are filling/ satisfying.

If you choose to be Vegan, be smart about it! Don't act like idiots then announce that you're vegan in public.. cause I see that ALL THE TIME! Your diet has to accommodate your needs. Every Vegan / Vegetarian I know in real life is obviously unhealthy and or mentally disturbed. Forget about Soy - It's you're enemy!

Anorexia is linked to a nutrition deficiency, and so is getting a song stuck in your head. Being Vegan doesn't equate to caring about animals. Many vegans I know have cats which like to torture other animals to death.

Is veganism a mental illness? - If it isn't, then please stop acting like it is.

There really isn't such a thing as a Vegan. We all swallow insects and spiders in our sleep. How many more for Vegans who wouldn't knowingly harm the spiders?

If you're going to attempt to be vegan, do it smart. Get nutrition advice from others that are successful for a long period of time.

Forum: Vegetarianism , Veganism, & Animal Welfare

Earthlings - and other powerful videos to share


The True God

Image Hosted by

He doesn't demand that you mutilate your child's penis, oppress women, enslave and kill other people, etc.

He also doesn't ask to be shoved down people's throats-thanks God er uhm Hanky! Hanky is happy: He's not a tyrant that kills people with plagues, pestilence, or bloodshed.

Smile, Hanky loves you! Mr. Hanky's song tells us so.

Mr Hanky didn't create eternal condemnation, so there is no reason for salvation. He won't severely punish you with eternal torment for simply not believing.

Mr Hanky rocks! He is the BEST God and the only one worthy of praise! PRAISE HIM... PRAISE HIM... PRAISE HIM!

Monday, July 30, 2007


De-activism - How to Demobilize a Movement

De-activism - How to Demobilize a Movement - click for discussion and more.

Start a petition
for the cause. Even if you submit the petition to it's target: it's still just a piece of paper or digital (fudgeable) record. The petitioners are left satiated feeling they did what they could. When people start to catch on to it's ineffectiveness, move to the next level by having a phone campaign. When people realize it's ineffective as well (with answering machines, turning the phone off, having secretary deal) then take it to the streets.

Organize it by calling people armchair activists, and complain about people never doing anything. Be sure to plant people like a dumbass with a megaphone to draw negative attention to your cause, or a person to throw something at the police so they can attack the crowd and take down names and intimidate / scare 'would be' activists. The idiot with the megaphone stays within boundaries and keeps the general crowd controlled so they don't overtake the public servants (mercenaries). People in large groups are followers in general, if a leader breaks ranks they'll be followed. With the megaphone: you control who their perceived leader is.

Make people think that you or your group are the only ones people can trust, then mix the truth with nonsense like:

Introduce religion that teaches that God put 'the powers that be into' place, to obey the laws, to support a group of people blindly, to turn the other cheek, etc.

. Tell people that approach you about an issue that they can't change it. Things are just the way they are.

Organize a posse of online disinformationists. (kinda like House Negros)

Divert attention by creating bigger stories. -Nothing like a little sensationalized media like the recent drunk astronauts who had a 12 hour no drink policy, with no blood alchohol test results even mentioned. Some distract from the real enemy by pretending to dig deeper like exposing the Jesuit Order, or Satan.

Promote mainstream outlets as good places for people to go. They're already good at giving people just enough to keep their attention while keeping them in the dark and demobilized.

Divide and Conquer. Convince your followers that they are enlightened, and others are sheeple. Tell them (your followers) that they think for themselves -lol! Their condescending attitudes and name calling will stifle any ground they could make in representing their (your) truths. Be sure to have mixed those truths with some nonsense they can tout as facts.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


God Bless America

I said it because I have the power to force God's hand in blessing it. You see.. God works for me and all I have to do is pray.

John 11:22 But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

Many White Nationalists like the John Birch Society would like for negros to go back to Africa, and Mexicans to stay in Mexico so they can make cheap products for us.

You know the song... "God Bless America... Land that We Stole"? Ok, maybe it isn't a song, but probably should be. With all this fake patriotic white nationalist ferver going around we forget what some of our ancestors have done to Native Americans or what their inactions may have done. Are we any better than them?

To a people who used all parts of an animal, who hunted rather than factory farmed, who used food as medicine curing early settlers of scurvy years before the white man's doctors accepted a cure from "Savages". To these people we: dump toxic waste on their land (including the reservations), we send billions of dollars to Israel a year for them to have their supposed land back (which they only have a fake religious claim to) meanwhile Native Americans are for the most part funneled off to some forgotten place where the water is brown, the land is unwanted, and their original lifestyle is impossible.

Young Natives were ripped from their homes and indoctrinated in schools with Christianity which made them love their enemies, obey the laws, revere the "Chosen People", etc. The perfect slave is the person that doesn't know they're a slave. They knew this when they first called it "Land of the Free".

If the atrocities that happened in the colonial days were happening today, would we be any different? Would we be ignorant? Would we take action? There is a political prisoner who happens to be Native American. He sits on death row for a crime he most likely did not commit. To many he is regarded as a true hero. The kind we don't often hear about. His name is Leonard Peltier. Now that we know, what are we going to do?

Can we cite a war that America was involved in that didn't have large scale war crimes being committed by Americans? Until this country becomes great (unlikely), why be so damned patriotic?

Indeed the Judeo-Christian God has blessed America. We see it in sexual oppression, infant genital mutilation, genocide, racism, torture, terror, gambling, bigotry, female oppression, etc.


I'll Pray for You!

Why do Christians act like this is some big favor or some big deal? Most often they won't lift a finger to help someone in need citing lame excuses like:

KJV: For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.

Not only do they make themselves appear as if they're always praying; they also don't seem to read or understand their own Bible! What they know about it often comes from the inaccurate grapevine rumor mill known as organized religion where they for guilt, loneliness or appearance sake go and listen to someone's twisted half truths passed down with personal spins. This is possibly why we see 33,000+ denominations.

So Christians are responding to my bulletins with stupid replies like "I'll Pray for You!" Does announcing it make it more effective? What I'd rather hear is that they'll read and personally study the propaganda they're peddling before being so irresponsible. I'd rather they be able to say they checked the links instead of spelling like this:

Yur'e rong! Jesus is luve!

~95% spell like this and totally suck at reading comprehension! I think we can see why our society is intentionally dumbed down chemically, nutritionally, and through forced schooling. Less intelligent people just plain appear to be easier suckers for mind controlling religion!

One issue Christians need to face is that their God is racist. With only hoaxes of giants to support their OT claims of giants inhabiting the earth, they fail to realize THEY might be descendants of the supposed angel / human hybrid!

Article: Christian Giants: No Salvation for Them!

Christians are victims of their own support of these plagiarized fairy tails.

Be sure to bookmark this page for reference: Biblical Christianity: All You Need to Know

For people who think my pic is Satanic: do you fail to acknowledge that the likeness of Pan was stolen and attributed to Satan AFTER the Bible came out? Well, I'm no Satanist or Panist. I just think it's cute.

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